Hope your all feeling festive, i am! 


As you all know we have now started a ‘Product of the Month’- last month we had our Skincare Brand ENVIRON as our offer. 

We have our AVST 1 Moisturiser this is a stage 1 moisturiser that you start with using this  brand and gradually build yourself up with it. 

As some of my product research i wanted to send out samples to people of different ages and sex, to get different reviews of the brand and let all you lot know! 

Male- I had a male age range 20-30, as a male that doesn’t use products at all on his skin and is in and out all day through this cold weather and hot heatings, thought his skin was going through a tough time. So i gently applied the moisturiser simple 3/4 drops onto his skin and rubbed in, instantly soaks into the skin and doesn’t leave that oily feeling on the skin. He was happy and i was happy. 

Female- 30-35 Working mum that really looks after her skin and is worried about frown lines. Gave this lovely lady our sample and she loves it! What a difference it made to her skin, can’t wait to purchase this item! She used it morning and night and thought her skin looked flawless, what a difference it made straight away. She has slightly oily skin and sed that this didn’t leave no oil on the surface of her skin and felt amazing. *WE LOVE IT TOO*

Female- 40-50 Working lady full time in a kitchen, in and out of hot ovens and on the go go go. This lovely lady took our sample and had a differnt expeirence than other reviews- didn’t like the smell and also broke out slightly. Everyone is different, she felt her face tightning and wasn’t keen on it.

As you can read our reviews are all very different! I love honest options and I’m not here to pull the wool over your eyes, i want you all to read how people have really felt testing this product. I mean the review on the female age 40-50 isn’t all bad, face tighning (which means it must be working), what more do you want!

Getting rid of the deep lines and making your skin feel hydrating from the inside!

ENVIRON goes 7 times deeper into the skin than any other moisturiser, so when  your feeling dehydrated and your applying moisturiser it just lying on the top of your skin, not actually going deep and hydrating your skin  making it feel, look and be fresh!



Now its December we are launching another ‘Product of the Month’ –

Bare Minerals  – LASH DOMINATION 



Please please go into the salon and take a look! 

Will be uploading before and after looks and keeping you all up to date! I will be testing this product on people and giving you my honest reviews again! 

This is a amazing volumizing mascara, we have got this lovely set, which includes a full size and travel size in one set. 

This mascara delivers lush, large and intensively black results from every festive angle! 

Get yourself into the salon and ask for a sample! 

You never no until you try. 

As we have this offer on remember we have our makeup artist from Bare Minerals coming into the salon on 17th- throughout the day you can book appointment for only £5! She will teach you how to apply your makeup correctly, to get the best and most out of your Bare Minerals makeup, day or night look she will show you how to do it! 

Treat yourself, bring someone with you, but remember to book! 

If you buy Bare Minerals on the night you will receive £5 off your purchase, so think about it, your getting a makeup class for free! With amazing Makeup! 

When the older generation can teach the younger how to use makeup correctly and look after their skin you will become the best!!! 

Thank you all so much for reading! 

Comments appreciated. 

Lots of Love at Christmas time, 


Priors Green Beauty